I’am a musician and I play two instruments, 1 the piano

and 2 the cello

I have been playing the cello for 3 years and the piano for 4 years. I love both these instruments and I play in an orchestra for my cello and at the moment I’am about to do a piano exam. I used to play trombone but then I quit because I already had too much on my hands. My favourite singer/musician is Billie Eilish because she is soo young and she has her own unique style and all her songs have a really good beat and there really catchy.

Here is a link to some songs I made using song maker,

credit to Emily “” for the idea

How to leave a quality comment

Hi Edublogger,

You probably know what a comment is, Right? Well if you don’t you should probably keep reading. When you are writing a comment like most pieces of writing there is protocol. First thing first don’t start your comment off with HIIIIIIII THIS IS MY COMMENT ON……. start it with something like hi this is my comment for…. and end it with from…. and don’t use any slang. If you are commenting with a picture remember to reference it and when you are leaving a comment always put in your blog or posts URL so people can see you not just your comment. Write fun you don’t want people to be bored out of there minds you want them to be entertained. Now you know how to leave a quality comment go comment on someones post.

From Layla

Layla’s personality Post

Hi Edublogger,

My names Layla619 or Layla if you want a slightly more casual option. I live in the hot country of Australia more specifically Adelaide. If you aren’t from Australia then you are probably thinking that I live in the outback, I don’t I live in the city. I’am 10 years olds and I’am in grade 6 and my teacher is Mrs Davis the best year 6 teacher you will ever find.

Some of my interests are craft, especially drawing and sport. I love sport it is probably my biggest passion so I will list the sports I play. Tee-ball, Softball, Soccer, AFL, Volleyball, Lacrosse, Tennis,  and I’m pretty sure this doesn’t count as a sport I play but any time I get the chance I go crazy about dodgeball.

I really like making things and any chance I have to draw something at school or at home I take it. On this blog I will probably posting about my self and just like you I’m participating in the student blog challenge so I will be constantly be updating that too.

From layla

100 Word Writing Challenge

Hello I’am Barry the dog and this story is about my  friendship with Missy the cat however it isn’t the most cooperative friendship . Firstly if you are wondering what I mean well sometimes Missy tries to sit in my bed and that is a big no nevertheless  after I have to fix it but who can blame her she is a stupid cat. Missy and I are best friends but as a result of this she freaks when I go out with friends and it stays that way until I’m home. Anyways that is my story.

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