How to leave a quality comment

Hi Edublogger,

You probably know what a comment is, Right? Well if you don’t you should probably keep reading. When you are writing a comment like most pieces of writing there is protocol. First thing first don’t start your comment off with HIIIIIIII THIS IS MY COMMENT ON……. start it with something like hi this is my comment for…. and end it with from…. and don’t use any slang. If you are commenting with a picture remember to reference it and when you are leaving a comment always put in your blog or posts URL so people can see you not just your comment. Write fun you don’t want people to be bored out of there minds you want them to be entertained. Now you know how to leave a quality comment go comment on someones post.

From Layla

3 thoughts on “How to leave a quality comment

  1. Hi Layla,

    Thanks for giving such clear guidelines about how to leave a comment.

    Some feedback for you is to break up your text when writing. It makes it easier to read and is more appealing to the eye.

    I hope that makes sense?

    Mrs D


  2. Hello Layla,
    This guide is really helpful and you have explained it so it’s easy to read step by step. Keep up the amazing work and i hope to hear from you soon.



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