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Blogging is fun, and you probably want your blog to look cool and for your posts to have some cool images? Well yeah that is pretty obvious but you have no idea how to make your own cool images so you just grab the most aesthetically¬† pleasing image you can find off the internet, but that isn’t your image so you need to reference where you got it and that is where websites like Unsplash¬†come in.

Unsplash is a website where you can download free images for your blog or posts and leave a credit badge to that image on your blog to show that it isn’t yours but the amazing person who created it is referenced here.

unsplash-logoNick Morrison

Remember to add a credit badge like this one to tell people where your image came from. It is really really important for you to reference where your images came from because if they aren’t yours or you don’t own it then you are stealing someones work and that isn’t good. So next time you go to get an image for your blog remember to reference it and your blog can be cool and smartly done.

Unsplash URL:

Here is a short video on how to get a credit badge

9 thoughts on “Credit Badges

  1. Hi Layla,

    What a great tutorial to teach others how to use images in a responsible manner!

    Your instructions are clear and informative well done.
    Mrs D


    1. Hi Alyssa
      I would really love to start commenting back and forth to each other that sounds really cool. Are you participating in the Student Blog Challenge? If you are that would be really cool. Where are you from? If you read my personality post you would know I’m from Australia. It would be great to get to know more about you.
      I hope that you see this comment and reply,

      Sincerely Layla


        1. and i live in america and do you how how most blogs have maps of the world
          do you now how to put that up


          1. I don’t but I think a few of my classmates do, if I find out I will be sure to tell you.

  2. Hello Laylaw,
    Thank you for providing the website where you got this excellent presentation. Likewise your explanation does make one to have a look at it.


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